STAR WARS: Top 5 Greatest Jedi (That Aren’t Main Characters In The Films)


Welcome to another Star Warsing post! This time we will be looking at our favorite Jedi characters who are not main characters within the Star Wars Timeline (at least not main characters in the films). This will also include characters from legends, whether or not they were main characters in legends novels, comics or games doesn’t necessarily matter here.

Plo Koon


Rank: Jedi Master

Species: Kel Dor

Lightsaber Color: Blue (used to be a Yellow-Orange (not exactly a legends confirmation either))

Notes: Plo Koon was a Jedi that partook on many dangerous missions, even before missions with his 104th Battalion during the Clone Wars. He was the one who found a young Ahsoka Tano and brought to the Jedi academy, forming a special bond with her. He was killed off during the execution of Order 66 by Darth Sidious.


Kit Fisto


Rank: Jedi Master

Species: Nautolan

Lightsaber Color: Green

Notes: Kit Fisto is a Jedi known to almost always have a smile on his face, even during a time of crisis. He also had an incredible attribute of intense focus. He was known to have fought General Grievous during a mission to capture Nute Gunray (a mission which also got his Padawan Nahdar Vebb killed by the General) and he very nearly bested him in combat. He was killed off by Chancellor Palpatine (who was revealed as being Darth Sidious at the time).




Rank: Jedi Master

Species: Human

Lightsaber Color: Blue

Notes: Sifo-Dyas was a mysterious Jedi that was responsible for starting the production of clones as an army for the Republic. Unfortunately his plans were taken by the Sith, who ultimate killed him off and continued the program in secret.His ultimate fate, though likely dead, is pretty unknown except that Count Dooku was involved in his demise in some way.


Kyle Katarn


Rank: Rebel, Jedi Knight, and eventually Jedi Master

Species: Human

Lightsaber Color: Yellow-Green, Yellow or Blue

Notes: Kyle started out as a regular Storm Trooper who them later switched sides to the Rebellion. He soon learned of his Force-sensitive ways and learned to become a Jedi Knight, eventually ranking to Master and becoming a member of the Jedi High-Council also becoming an infamous Jedi Battlemaster. Unfortunately he is no longer canon… yet.


Mara Jade Skywalker


Rank: Emperor’s Hand, Smuggler, and later a Jedi Master

Species: Human

Lightsaber color: Purple

Notes: Mara was, at one time, a servant and assassin working for Darth Sidious to kill off Rebel scum. She eventually moved on and eventually became a Jedi Master on the High Council, as well as the Wife of Luke Skywalker. She was also known to be a good pilot and mechanic. She was ultimately killed off by Jacen Solo, her nephew who became a Sith. Another Legends character unfortunately, but maybe we’ll see or hear some form of her character in The Last Jedi?


We hope you enjoyed the list! What are some of your favorite Jedi characters? Please let us know, we’d love to know and stuff!

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