STAR WARS: Top 10 Characters From Legends That SHOULD Be Canon


Welcome back to another Star Wars post! Admittedly this one took me a while to do, both because of what characters I, as well as Taylor, personally wanted to add as well as having to delay for finishing other College-related projects (finals week is the worst). This list will look at our picks for characters we think should definitely rise from their Legends grave into the enlightenment of canonical influence. We hope you enjoy this list!

Notice: unfortunately the timing of this kinda sucks since the recent news reveal that Rian Johnson’s new trilogy will not involve knights of the old republic stuff, which this list is greatly influenced by, so that is kind of a butt hurt to kotor fans. However, there is hope for future projects to bring these characters back and it doesn’t hurt to dream of the possibilities…

Darth Revan


Legends Most Notable Achievments:

Praised as a prodigal knight and a promising pupil from the Jedi during his early years, but also feared as the dark lord of the Sith upon turning to the dark side.

Had a thirsty desire to gain as much knowledge from his Jedi master and other masters to learn everything he possibly could

During the Mandalorian Wars, Revan led as the Supreme Commander of a faction Jedi crusader team known as the “Revanchist”

He defeated Mandalore the Ultimate

Was good friends with Jedi Alek, who also took part in the Mandalorian Wars and became the Sith lord known as Darth Malak

Upon defeat as a Sith, Revan was mind wiped and retrained as a Jedi

He married fellow Jedi knight Bastila Shan, and they had a son named Vaner Shan who was surprisingly not force sensitive

He removed Darth Malak’s jaw with a powerful Lightsaber strike

Became the influence of a secret society within the Sith empire known as the Order of Revan, or simply the Revanites, which was an order that balanced both the light and dark sides of the force


Further Opinions:

Revan is a personal favorite character of mine and Taylor’s from the legends timeline. It is amazing to learn about a character who not only joined both sides of good and evil, but was also an extreme powerhouse member of both. Learning that the character was no longer canon, and even the fact he was so close to appearing in the Clone Wars show but was scrapped, is a huge disappointment and it would be a large missed opportunity if he never shows up in canon again.

Darth Malgus


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

Was an apprentice to his pure blood Sith Master named Vindican

Killed both his Master and a Jedi Master named Kao Cen Darach during their attempt to reclaim the Sith home world Korriban

Had to wear a respirator for the remainder of his life after a defeat from his nemesis Satele Shan, who later became a Grand Master Jedi

he killed many Jedi during his successful attack on Coruscant, including Jedi Master Ven Zallow who was his most notable kill

He fell in love with a slave Twi’Lek named Eleena Daru, who he eventually had to kill in order to retain power

He was frozen in carbonite by the end of the Cold War, leaving his fate ultimately uncertain


Further Opinions:

There’s something about Malgus that is really interesting to us, which says a lot considering he ends up becoming some sort of alternate version of a Darth Vader look alike. Again, this was a powerful and menacing Sith Lord that should remain canonical to some degree, bringing him back would possibly further history of the Sith Empire as well, which is canon is still very limited despite bringing back the Sith planet and the likes of Darth Bane.


Darth Nihilus


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

Watching the Mass Shadow Generating Super weapon destroy everything in its path on the planet of Malachor V, during the Mandalorian War, gave him his craving for Force Energy

This hunger for the Force greatly afflicted his body, changing him forever

A Sith Lord named Darth Traya told him he could learn to feed his endless hunger, which led to his apprenticeship and eventual transition to becoming a Sith Lord

He, Darth Traya and Darth Sion became part of the Sith Triumvirate, which was a loose alliance that originated from Darth Revan’s Sith Empire

He became known under a new fearful title as the “Lord of Hunger”

He eventually encased his spirit within his mask and armor in order to stay alive

Further Opinions:

Nihilus is certainly one of the more creepier baddies within Star Wars lore, and would be an interesting inclusion to the now current canon. He may even be able to fit within any timeline section of the universe, he seems to be the most flexible of all the Sith characters that are mentioned in this list. As long as there’s a major event leading him to becoming the Lord of Hunger, then we’ll be happy.




Legends Most Notable Achievements:

He was created by Darth Vader

He is a prototype Holodroid who helped in training Galen Marek during his secret apprenticeship within the Empire

He and Galen Marek are longtime friends and companions, however he actively attempts to kill him under the primary directives given by Darth Vader

He is capable of Lightsaber combat, going so far as to mimic combat skills from whomever. And he could create hologram versions of characters for training such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and even Darth Maul. He can also hologram messages from senders

He “sacrificed” himself in a clash with Darth Vader in order for his friends to escape, although he came back it was still a noble effort

Further Opinions:

When it comes to fun and goofy droids, Proxy is easily one of the most fun. It may seem a bit late to add him in canon since Rogue One’s K2-SO was pretty much inspired by this character, but the more the merrier.

Galen Marek (Starkiller)


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

He was trained in secret by Darth Vader as a Sith Assassin

Was a close friend to Proxy, Jedi Master Kota, and fell in love with Captain Juno Eclipse

Could hold his own against Darth Vader and even Emperor Palpatine

He helped with joining factions of the Rebel alliance, including joining the likes of Senator Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and even Organa’s adopted daughter Princess Leia

His Malek family crest is eventually what became the official symbol for the rebels

After his death at the hands of the Emperor, he eventually returned through a clone of himself

He was strong in the Force, being capable of crashing Star Destroyers (similar to Luke’s capabilities in canon)

His nickname of Starkiller is inspired after being the original planned name for Luke Skywalker in very early drafts


Further Opinions:

Honestly Starkiller was quite a fun character, while it can’t be said he was a perfect character he was certainly a character that really struck home the possibilities of what force powers can really achieve. There have been times where he was attempted to be brought back into canon, but he still remains as a legends character. However there is a silver lining in canon since Starkiller base, the new super weapon made by the First Order, is partially an Easter egg alluding to him.


Grand Master Jedi Satele Shan


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

She is a descendant of Revan and Bastila Shan

She defeated Darth Malgus on the planet Alderaan, a defeat which resulted in Malgus having to wear a respirator for the remainder of his life

She earned the rank of Grand Master, which is the same rank as Yoda

She trained a Kiffar Jedi into Knighthood (a specie of a near-human race, Quinlan Vos is a notable Kiffarian)

She and Jace Malcolm, a Republic Trooper and eventual Supreme Commander, had a secret son named Theron Shan

She eventually denounced her Grand Master role due to her saddened reality of the casualties brought to the Jedi Order from the Civil War and went into meditative exile, with the company of the spirit of a Sith named Darth Marr. Further fate is unknown

Further Opinions:

Satele Shan is not only a unique, pretty-faced yet awesome Jedi, she is also among the most powerful being able to block a Lightsaber with just her bare hands! Adding her would also have to include many other characters (especially Bastila and Revan) since within the Knights of the Old Republic series the Shan family line is quite prominant to the sort of trilogy (assuming you include the online Old Republic game as the third official entry). Also, it would be great to include another known Grand Master besides Yoda, even more interesting for it to be a female character.


Jace Malcolm


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

Served in the Special Forces Division for the Republic during the Great Galactic War

Again, had a secret son with Satele Shan

Was granted the command of the Elite Infantry Unit 326, otherwise known as Havoc Squad

He held his own against Darth Malgus and even defeated him with the aid of Satele

He started as a Republic Trooper, was a Corporal on a Jedi-run space station, soon earned the rank of Colonel, was a Strategic Adviser to Alderaan for the Republic, and eventually became a Supreme Commander during the Galactic War


Further Opinions:

Some of what makes this character so interesting is the fact that he achieved so much, in terms of leadership and honor, during his many years of fighting different wars. It is amazing to see a character who started out as a regular Trooper become something remarkable, it also doesn’t hurt that there was once a romantic connection with a powerful Jedi as well. While we do get a more developed Trooper-based character in the form of Finn in these Sequel films, it wouldn’t hurt to include another one in canon.


N’Kata Del Gormo


Legends Most Notable Achievements:

Found, befriended, and trained Yoda and a human friend in the ways of the Force

Wielded a twisted staff with a crystal-like prism on the top (a Kyber Crystal???)

the exact dates of this legendary tale was most likely lost during the great Jedi purge (execution of Order 66)

Possibly the most mysterious character in the Star Wars universe


Further Opinions:

There is not much knowledge regarding this Hysalrian Jedi Master, except that he was a Hysalrian and that he taught a young Yoda as well as an unknown human before they were apart of the Jedi Temple. It may be apparent that this story is somewhat canon when you consider the observation of the recorded history being removed by the reign of the Empire. Considering there is a very likely, and even confirmed, Yoda film in the works, there is a high chance that we’ll see this character appearing in possibly a more significant role.




Legends Most Notable Achievements:

He is a Hunter-Killer Assassin Droid, as well as a Jedi Hunter

He was constructed by Darth Revan, who built him as a means to find a more subtle way to defeat enemies

His memory was eventually wiped after a brutal capture in Mandalorian space, and went from owner to owner, many of which he personally killed

He was instrumental in the defeat of Revan’s formal Sith Apprentice

He, alongside Meetra Surik the Jedi Exile, went in search of the source of the HK-50 droids. They were newer Droids based on his design which he considered an insult

He also taught Meetra Surik how to kill Jedi, so that she could better defend herself

A rogue intelligence operative known as The Shroud made a copy of HK-47’s so that versions of him would live on

He eventually returned into a new body on Mustafar, during the near-end days of the Clone Wars, where he became of great interest to the Separatists. However, they failed to control and use him to their advantage

He is one of the longest surviving Droids in the timeline, through way of copying and gaining new bodies, living past the Great Galactic War, Civil War, Clone Wars, and even after the destruction of the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. He was eventually reconstructed into a jetpack (yes a jetpack) which was then found by spacers during the war against the Empire (the Galactic Civil War), his ultimate fate is unknown


Further Opinions:

This is easily the best Droid character ever made, well second best next to R2-D2. He was such a beloved character that the author of the Aftermath book series attempted to bring him back, in a way, to canon. Sadly this didn’t happen due to Lucasfilm’s wrath of neglecting the legends characters, but he did create a new character heavily inspired by HK-47 named “Mister Bones” (who was a modified Battle Droid with a similar murderous personality). While it’s cool to have inspired new Droid characters, nothing will beat the original! Bring back HK-47!




Legends Most Notable Achievements:

He was a Bounty hunter who was active for almost two-thousand years

He is able to withstand basically all near-death situations due to being a Gen’ Dai as well as the support of his battle armor

Has a deep hatred for Mandalorians, and even killed one of their leaders at one point

He joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems (the Separatists) during the Clone Wars with the desire of killing off Clones, Clones of which he knew were cloned after the Mandalorian Jango Fett

He gained the rank of Commander and aided in certain missions of importance assigned by Count Dooku

He was eventually, and truly, killed when Anakin Skywalker Force-pushed him into a star near Maramere (not really an “achievement” for the character, but is still a cool fact)

After dealing with torture and tragedy, as well as his aggression, he ultimately became mentally unstable and therefore more deadly and dangerous


Further Opinions:

So I personally believe that this character received the most disrespect from all the characters forced into legends exile, but I strangely understand it. One the one hand he is a super cool and intimidating Bounty Hunter character, one the other hand he does seem a little overpowered. On one hand he is a great addition to the Clone Wars story, on the other he isn’t exactly needed for integral story plots. And while it sucks that he didn’t make the cut to appear in the Clone Wars television show, he did inspire the creation of Cad Bane who is also a cool Bounty Hunter on his own merits. So while I desperately seek a moment where this character returns, I’m not sure how or where he would appear at this point unless they completely change his story.


Thank you for reading this post! This took me a while to put together due to being busy with other matters so I hope it was all worth it in the end. What characters do you wish to see return to canon? I’m sure others can think of really cool and interesting characters that I couldn’t.


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