STAR WARS: Top 10 Droids


Welcome to another Star to the Wars post, this time we’ll be looking at what we think are the best Droids (so far) within the Star Wars universe. We will be looking at both canon and legends, and also single characters as well as groups or types.

10. 2-1B


Droid Type: 2-1B Surgical Droid

Degree: First Class

Skills: Medical sciences

Notes: These were a particular type of Droid that has been seen throughout all eras of the Star Wars timeline. The one which we specifically chose for this list is the one that treated Luke Skywalker in the bacta tank as well as his cybernetic hand replacement, both procedures from the same Droid in the same film (which was episode V, Empire Strikes Back, but I’m sure that was very obvious). There was even one that took assistance in placing the cybernetics and armor on Darth Vader at the end of Episode III, Revenge Of The Sith.



9. MagnaGuards


Droid Type: IG-series  IG-100 MagnaGuard

Degree: Fourth Class

Skills: Guarding and skilled combat against Jedi’s

Notes: The MagnaGuards were primarily used during the Clone Wars to competitively fight Jedi in hand-to-hand combat, they were also used as bodyguards and were a favorite of General Grievous (who also dressed them in Kaleesh robes in honor of his people). These droids were intimidating and skillful enough even for the Jedi generals, but were usually only used for specific missions or situations. Aside from using their more popular choice of weapon, the Electrostaff, they were also known to use RPS-6 Rocket Launchers as well as precision Laser Darts. They were even used by the Hutt Grakkus sometime after the battle of Yavin, who were ordered to attack Luke Skywalker in order to take his Lightsaber


8. WAC-47


Droid Type: DUM-series Pit Droid

Degree: Second Class

Skills: Programmed as a pilot

Notes: WAC was a Pit Droid who was programmed to be a pilot, which was different compared to other Pit Droids which are usually service and repair based. He was a member of the mainly Droid exclusive team known as D-Squad (R2-D2 was also a member). Although a more clumsy and whacky character, he was eventually promoted to corporal on the team.


7. Professor Huyang


Droid Type: Mark IV Architect Droid

Degree: Unknown, possibly First Class

Skills: Teacher and educator

Notes: Huyang is over a thousand years old, possibly joining the first years of the Jedi Order which was five-thousand years before the Clone Wars. He has taught countless young Jedi in the ways of crafting and building their own unique Lightsabers, he even taught Grand Master Yoda when he was a youngling. Due to his many years of servitude to the Jedi Order, he has also picked up on some fighting skills over the years despite only getting a glimpse of his capabilities.


6. IG-88


Droid Type: IG-series Assassin Droid (an IG-86 model possibly)

Degree: Fourth Class

Skills: a known Bounty Hunter, and all skills that apply

Notes: IG-88 was a rogue assassin droid that became his own through his years as a bounty hunter. He was called among many others to hunt down Han Solo and his Millennium Falcon, he ended up trailing behind Bobba Fett but was eventually destroyed by him. It’s worth noting that this character also has a bigger involvement in the Legends timeline, but unfortunately the canon stuff is short and simple. Still a great Droid character either way.


5. HK-47


Droid Type: HK-series Assassin Droid/Protocol Droid

Degree: Fourth Class

Skills: a Jedi hunter and skilled combatant

Notes: HK-47 is possibly the most popular Droid known from the Legends lore that is among other characters as being desperate hopes for a canonical appearance. We was a Droid created by Darth Revan around the end of the Mandalorian Wars. He is also known to have survived throughout the timeline, even after the destruction of the second Death Star. He was also notorious for hating organic beings, even going so far as to famously refer to them as “meat bags”.


4. Droideka


Droid Type: Battle Droid

Degree: Fourth Class

Skills: Extermination with extreme prejudice

Notes: There are many Battle Droid types used during the prequel era, but these ones might be the most popular. Droidekas, or Destroyer Droids, were deadly and dangerous Droids used by the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars and the invasion of Naboo. They emitted shield generators which could deflect laser blasts. They could also turn ball-like to roll around in a quicker pace towards their destination. They also carried powerful twin blaster cannons.


3. BB-8


Droid Type: BB-unit Astromech Droid

Degree: Second Class

Skills: Repairing and determination

Notes: BB-8 is still a fairly new character, but we can’t help but love him which is why he is #3 on this list. He is a very comedic droid that is incredibly determined to get the job done no matter the consequences, especially orders given to him by his friend and owner Poe Dameron. He is also highly fond and inspired by R2-D2.


2. K-2SO


Droid Type: KX-series Security Droid

Degree: Fourth Class

Skills: Technical analysis and sass

Notes: K-2S0 is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a character similar to HK-47 in the canon timeline. He is a very fun Droid that is full of remarks and isn’t afraid to say what he actually means, even if it is brutally honest. It’s a shame we don’t get a whole lot of time with him, but he has certainly left an impact which is why he is #2 on the list.


1. R2-D2


Droid Type: R2-series Astromech Droid

Degree: Second Class

Skills: Repairing, bravery and ingenuity, a great memory and he also swears a lot

Notes: Was it obvious? Well too bad! R2 is still the greatest Droid in the series. Throughout his lifetime he has never been memory wiped, making him the ultimate chronicler in the series as well as a valuable asset to any owner. He has also shown his skills at attacking and defending himself and others, even attacking other Droids. He is also very fond of the Skywalker family being a companion to both Anakin and Luke during different eras. Whether you agree or not, he will always be #1 to us!


Hope you enjoyed our list! Sorry C-3PO fans but perhaps you guys also have your own unique and interesting list of favorites, please let us know!


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