GBHorror2017: Top 5 Items To Be A Ghost Hunter


Welcome to another post! This one will be about the basic necessities for standard ghost hunting. It may surprise you that ghost hunting is a legit position and career for most people in this world. There are many television shows and websites that establish this to a point. Also keep in mind that this list does not give you precise details on ghost hunting or the products associated, this is merely basic knowledge tools commonly known to the practice. Also it’s just for fun! So I hope you enjoy this list…

EVP Recorder(s)


Well, when you’re hunting ghosts, chances are you’ll want to speak with them. The sad truth is that you will not always hear them with your mortal ears. Sometimes their voices must be captured digitally. Having an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recorder is the best way to capture ghoul voices. If you can’t get an actual EVP recorder, you can always try the recorder on your cell phones or other.




Cameras are the original spirit capturing devices (at least electronically). You may have a chance of capturing a moment or two that may never be seen again, even if seen by the naked eye. A good and high-quality camera would be the perfect choice but you can honestly try to use any camera or camcorder at your disposal.


EMF Meters


Ghost are notorious for affecting the surrounding areas in particular ways. The best example of detection would be feeling a cold chill within an area where it would not be suitably normal. Another way which to be aware of these changes would be using the EMF meter. This meter detects changes within the electromagnetic field, which can be affected greatly by a spirit presence.


Motion Sensors


While ghosts are not physical entities, they can still emit movement and approach, therefore it is very possible that you may be able to detect them by way of motion sensors. There are many kinds of sensors out there, which either flash colors or make a noise. Basically pick your poison.


Holy Items / Back-Up Plan


Let’s face it, sometimes when you go out chasing a ghost you usually never know just what you might find. There are ghosts which can be insidious, or worse they can be demons posing as paranormal presence. It is best that you hold true to faith and carry emergency religious items such as a cross or holy water. If you do not have religion to your disposal, consider at least having a nearly fool proof back-up plan.



Thank you for reading, apologies for the shorter and simpler post. I promise the next one will be more entertaining. Check back tomorrow for another Halloween post!


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