Pokemon Sun and Moon: Secondary Impressions (finally)


JEEZ! This has been disgustingly delayed! Not just the secondary part of my impression of the Pokemon Moon game, but also since I’ve picked up the game itself. Unfortunately other things got in the way including college, family, friends, alternative commitments and even other/newer games. This also goes with the factoid that I usually only play handheld games when I’m traveling to far locations, leaving me with hours of valuable playing time for my handheld devices. Fortunately that was the case as of the past couple months. I believe I have played just enough more to properly do a part two to my three part impression for Pokemon Moon (the newest generation of games overall). I promise part three won’t be as prolonged.

You can read or re-read the first part of the Impression by clicking THIS!

Anyways, on to the Secondary Impression…


*The game was played from the last couple months from this post’s date, from June of 2017 to now. This covers everything from where the last impression ended up until Lunala appears. This involves many hours of play.*


Also I am saving spoilers of the story and even things like thoughts on the main characters for the third part of my impression. So don’t worry about spoilers I guess.



THE START (from when I continued playing): This new region still continues to amaze. It also really helps that I’ve been to Hawaii and have seen the state’s influence within the fantasy constructs of this game’s world. While there are some annoyances, like having some characters be poor or obnoxious (cough *Hau* cough) or having to constantly be forced into the story whether by cut-scenes or anything similar, there is still lots to behold in this game. Every moment I reached a tension of feeling like I’ve seen all the secrets the region has to offer, another immediately slips in either visually or dramatically.


THE GRAPHICAL LOOK: Sort of already mentioned but it is indeed worth a second mention. The graphical look of this game continues to wow me. There has only been a few games here and there where the color palette truly struck me as wonderful, and this game most certainly makes the list. Most of the island trials were also visually cool, the second and sixth trails in particular are my favorites.


THE PLAY: Not much else to say here, the same treatment of old school play with new quirks. I will mention again however that the overuse of cut-scenes is a bit much, not enough to ruin the game or the story (which is a great story by the way) but just enough to take away for a second that actually intention of “playing” a game. Again I would stress that this doesn’t dock the points from any score I would give this (I don’t even score!).


THE POKEMON: Good freaking hell! I love Decidueye! This may seriously be my most favorite starter in all aspects since Greninja, and I honestly thought Greninja was pinnacle reaching point for a quality starter and I highly doubted future designed starters would be as impressive. Most of the starters, particularly post generation three, had really cool designs too, but I mainly just appreciated them by a design standpoint rather than a Pokemon that was both viable and wanted on my team.  But I have been having a blast with Decidueye, still named “Hooberton”. My favorite move for Hooberton to use is Spirit Shackle, and his exclusive Z-move is also special. Up til this point I saw Z-moves as a silly concept, not bad just silly, but Hooberton made me realize how much fun they can actually be when used in an appropriate situation. Other Pokemon on the team worth mentioning is my Alolan Raichu, evolved all the way from my previously mentioned Pichu. Alolan Raichu may actually be my favorite Alolan formed classic Pokemon of all time with Alolan Sandslash second. I also have a Salazzle which has been tremendously helpful on my core team.

OVERALL: This game, these games, are still great to play even with the repeating tropes. But that’s what makes the Pokemon series great. They will always find a way to keep the attention on their series by coming up with many cool and new ideas, from as simple as adding a new battle tactic like Z-moves to something more far out like Alolan forms of classic Pokemon.

I really hope to beat this game fairly soon so I can finish off this impression with part three. I’m pretty sure the ending is just around the corner so I just need a good day do sit down and finish this. I hope you enjoyed part two and keep checking back for part three…

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