Pokemon Sun and Moon: The First Impressions

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This impression is primarily for Pokemon moon version. There may be some differences for Pokemon Sun but given that both games have similar openings, I am able to make some close claims for either version.

*Game was played within the last three days, This part of the Impression will include the beginning to the conclusion of the first Island trail. This is within a three-hour span of the game being played*

THE START: the Alola region is off to an incredibly strong start. We are greeted with a new way of developing your character that doesn’t feel too typical of “gamey”. Instead of asking the standard “are you a boy or a girl” question scenario, they perform a clever gateway into a more immersive dailogue that doesn’t feel too awkward but rather natural. Natural is a word that can be used to greatly describe this world in a single word. We are also greeted with a cutscene that is quite beyond the norm for a usual entry in this series. While the overall startup is long, maybe too long, it succeeds in feeling fresh and immersive with some interesting new characters as a bonus.

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THE GRAPHICAL LOOK: Everyone was blown away back when Pokemon X and Y were coming out due to the huge switch in graphics. This game does the same thing but better. The characters are in a more physically appropriate style from the usual chibi-esque designs. The existence of nature and island tendencies are constant and beautiful and the colors are beyond perfection, even after such colorful and moving design from X and Y. The day and night cycles are greatly shown in these titles, which is very fitting considering their titles.

THE PLAY: Most of it is the same old gameplay style of pokemon gameplay that we have all come to love and respect over the years but now there are twists and turns that will make these games not feel so copy-and-paste. There are trails in replacement of gyms and more of a sense of freedom to do whatever you want, almost whenever you want. The layout of stats and attacks are also welcoming, with more emphasis and direction towards them as well as it feeling crisp yet clean. The trails themselves are starting to feel like the highlight to the overall game, the first trial seemed like it was going to be boring but thanks to the environment as well as the small but noticeable misdirection, they became fun and invigorating somehow.

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THE POKEMON: A new region, a new set of pokemon to explore. My starter of choice was Rowlet, which I named “Hooberton”, and so far he is a perfect ball of wonder. I’ve always wanted an Owl for a starter and now the dream has come true. I’ve also captured a Pikipek and Grubbin, both named Papekipapeki and Mc’Nubbin, which have both so far helped my team in terms of status effects and physical attack. Other pokemon on the team include Pichu, Magnemite and the event Munchlax. So far these new pokemon are fun and welcoming and I’m glad they do not appear as constant as I initially thought.

THE OVERALL: So far the new entries seem fun and refreshing to the whole series. I still a long way to go before I can talk more on the other major aspects of the game but if there is anymore indication so far, these new features will be just as fun as the ones I’ve so far witnessed.

Check back for part 2 of the Impression, until then I’ll be playing more Pokemon Moon…

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