GBHorror2017: Top 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas


It’s around that time to decorate and transform your own home into a brilliant, even terrifying whimsy of spooks and fun. Throughout most of our life we have seen countless ways that people have decorated their homes, even to the extent of identifying what type of Halloween celebrating they are accustomed to. But what decorations are the best? which ones would we consider to always be a necessity every year this holiday comes around? here we will list the absolute best and most iconic decorations for all hallows eve.

  1. Webs, Lots of Webs


seeing a house that is not succumbed by webbing in Halloween is the equivalent of not seeing a house decorated in lights during Christmas time. In fact to further add ambience, some will even scatter plastic spiders all across the webs. This decor is ot a priority, it’s a necessity!


2. Pumpkins (Jack O’ Lanterns)


While not necessarily the favorite vegetable to consume on a regular basis (unless you count pumpkin cookies), the pumpkin is a widely renowned icon during the fall month. This is so much so that pumpkins are even iconic all the way through the thanksgiving month as well, probably because the pumpkins are left outside after October anyways. In any case, pumpkins are a must!


3. Skeleton(s)


Skeletons are intriguing, they are both a vital part of every persons body while also looking rather creepy. So it is highly common to see at least one skeleton residing among other decorations during Halloween. This skeleton can range from realistic to just a simple glow-in-the-dark prop to hang up.


4. Tombstones


What is even more unnerving than a skeleton? how about a tombstone? Graveyards in general omit to that unsettling feeling you occasionally get when you see one, it is something that even as children we see as a disturbing image of what comes after life has reached its boundaries. So naturally, seeing fake foam stones around October is not uncommon.


5. The colors Orange and Black


It seems as though specific colors can be contributed to specific holidays. Christmas time is known for reds and greens, St. Patrick’s days green, Easter resembles bright and cool colors and even Valentines day displays reds and pinks. Among the colors used for Halloween, orange and black seem to dominate the most. You could also make the argument than green and purple are Halloween colors, heck even red for images of blood, but when you see a combination of orange and black thrown at you it all suddenly screams all Hallows eve.


Other decorations that almost made the list (honorable mentions?) include hanging bats, witches, cauldron props, severed limbs, hanging ghosts and strobe/black lights. Check back tomorrow for another Halloween post!

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An artist and a definite gamer, one of the original GeekBeerz members. When I'm not gaming I'm usually drawing or sketching characters and ideas. I have a strange set of interests which include horror games/films, Pokemon, Star Wars, super hero comics, and writing short stories.

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