Top 5 Green Lantern Corps Members

Happy St. Patrick’s day! The Holiday where you’re either smart enough to wear green or dumb enough to get constantly pinched. I was originally going to write this about a week ago but realized that the upcoming holiday would be a perfect time to do this post.

It’s no surprise that everyone, well everyone here at GeekBeerz, loves the crap out of Batman. But what about that other cool DC character? No not that stupid S-chested fool, the green guy.

Green Lantern is actually a pretty cool character (Hal Jordan, Jon Stewart, etc.) with some pretty cool space-related notions and stories. Unfortunately his fame has been tested over the years and not for the better, that 2011 film certainly didn’t help. But if there’s one thing that most people can agree on, it would be the various alien members of the Lantern Corps.

There are many that exist, a roster as big or bigger then the entire cast of X-men characters. Some are very commonly known like Tomar-Re and Kiliwog, but there are many more than just those guys, of course there is only five on this list that we enjoy the most.

So here are our top five Green Lantern Corps Members! Remember, it’s strictly the other alien characters and not the human members:

GL Isamot Kol

Full Name: Isamot Kol
Sector: 2682
Home world: Thanagar
Species: Lizarkon

Why he’s cool:
– He is a veteran soldier from his home planet
– He is strongly against cowards and even hates them
– He holds Thanagar close to his heart and has a desire to find a mate
– He is above lying
– He is able to regrow entire limbs

Other cool facts:
– When his partner, Varth, lost his legs during the battle against the Black Lanterns, Isamot amputated his own legs to transplant on him. Fortunately due to his reptilian attributes, he was able to regrow new ones.
– He once killed his commanding officer during the Rann-Thanager War because his commander wanted to surrender; he later had no problem admitting to this act.

GL G'nort

Full Name: G’nort Esplanade G’neeshmacher
Sector: Varies
Home world: G’Newt
Species: Dog-like Humanoid

Why He’s Cool:
– Though generally unintelligent, he is proven to be both brave and loyal
– He comes from a family tree of honorable G’Newts

Other Cool facts:
– The Green Lantern Corps originally gave him a sector of guarding that had no living/intelligent life there due to them fearing his stupidity.
– His arch enemy, the Scarlet Skier, is DC’s goofy knock-off of Marvel’s Silver Surfer.
– He actually joins the lone Orange Lantern, Larfleeze, after he discovers they are cousins.

GL Ch'p

Full name: Ch’p
Sector: 1014
Home world: H’lven
Species: H’lvenite

Why He’s Cool:
– He cares for his people and his planet
– He is very friendly amongst the other Lantern corps members.
– He becomes close friends to both Hal Jordan and Salaak

Other Cool Facts:
– Ch’p is not a fan of earth primarily due to the similar relative squirrel’s being low-intelligent.
– He almost committed suicide for his depression of nobody remembering him on H’lven, when he finally returned home to restart a new life; he was however halted by Corps member Salaak, who later became his adviser and friend.
– Ch’p is hit and killed by a yellow tractor-trailer. This leads to Jon Stewart seeing visions of his deceased body (for some reason), and his replacement, B’dg, taking over sector 1014.
– His status as a surviving anomaly since Infinite Crisis is unknown.
– He was one of the known dead lanterns to be resurrected as a black Lantern, but was destroyed again by Guy Gardner using Red and Green Lantern rings.
– He’s a freaking squirrel! And people thought Rocket Raccoon was weird.

GL Stel

Full Name: Stel
Sector: 3009
Home world: Grenda
Species: Grendan

Why He’s Cool:
– He is very loyal and honorable to the Green Lantern Corps
– He has taken part in almost every major battle that the Corps has dealt with
– He is one of the few Green Lantern members to be resurrected (not by Black Lantern power) and cheat certain death

Other Cool Facts:
– After the events of the Black Lantern attack, Kiliwog chose Stel to be his replacement as the next drill sergeant for future rookie corps members. Stel positively accepted.
– During his death, another Grendan named Yron wanted to take his place. Yron thought he would be a better Lantern than Stel and also better stop the war between their people and the Krydos. After realizing his battle tactics were doing more harm than good, Yron started to believe that Stel was a much better Lantern.
– Yron sacrifices himself to resurrect Stel; Stel manages to stop the war and is proclaimed a hero while Yron is hated upon. However Stel believes that Yron was indeed a hero, at least one that tried to do well in his own way.
– He was also trained by Sinestro, before he turned bad.

GL Salaak

Full Name: Salaak (sometimes spelled Salakk)
Sector: Oa
Home world: Slyggia
Species: Slyggian

Why He’s Cool:
– He is a veteran Lantern that has done many jobs throughout his service
– He is close friends to Ch’p
– He is the keeper of the book of Oa
– He has made it out of most major battles, sometimes without a scratch

Other Cool Facts:
– While living in the future, due to prophecy hubbub, he married a human woman.
– When the Guardians, the Green Lantern leaders, go missing during the events of the Black Lantern attack, as well as when they take over the planet Oa, Salaak took their place as leader.
– He is the keeper of the Book of Oa, an ancient book that tells the tales of multiple Green Lanterns and their adventures throughout the years and throughout the universe.
– He has usually been known to argue against the decisions and actions taken by the Guardians themselves.

What are some of your favorite Green Lantern Corps Members?

Please let us know in the comments! We would like to know about the other cool characters of the Green Lantern universe.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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