Things Are Taking Longer Than Expected…

Well, this is embarrassing… With our whole staff involved with school and finals coming up quickly, we haven’t really been able to get together to record a new episode. This will still be happening, it may just be a little farther out than expected. In the meantime, I’ll be posting our old episodes to Youtube just for the convenience of not having to download anything.

Some things going on planning wise, we’re planning on having a final Geek Beerz Podcast episode. This will NOT be our final episode ever, just the final episode with the old name. I’ll post that episode to our old blogger, then when I get actual podcast hosting, that will be when we start (hopefully) cranking these out every other week at the latest. Anyway, for now we are in a hiatus until we find time to record that episode, then we’ll go from there.

Our Youtube link is up at the top, so you can find us there. As for the old blog, the main is here, and the link for our podcast blog (episodes only) is here. Thank you so much for sticking with us during this time, and I hope you enjoy our podcast both old episodes and new.

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