Shrews top 5 of 2015

Shrew here, this will be my first post. As a new year I promise to update more often. So here we go.

#5 Best Card Game

Yu-GI-Oh Legacy of the Duelist

I was worried when I picked this game up, “another crappy knockoff game that they pushed out” is what I thought. But i was pleasantly surprised as I booted up the game. This game has each story built into it. YuGiOH, GX, 5D’s, Zexal, and ARC-V, each one with the deck of nearly all main characters and the progressions of the decks throughout the campaign.

With over 20 duels in each campaign it was a real test of battle strategy.  But the game goes deeper when you create your own decks and battle online. If you like Yu-Gi-Oh, card games, strategy. Get this game.

#4 Best Horror

Until Dawn

One of the best games to come out this year, Until Dawn. A game where anyone and everyone can die if you so choose, the game puts your actions into account where every choice has a consequence. I never felt a dull moment in that game, to best describe it i would say its an interactive horror movie and anyone who’s played it would agree.

If you like movies, teen drama, just the overall ambient feeling of what the crap is going on in this god forsaken universe how do i survive. Get this game.

#3 Best FPS

Destiny – The Taken King

Last year I got Destiny, but I didn’t get too far, I hit the level cap and that was about it. But with this new expansion it finally feels like a real game. Tons of weapons, armor, and quests. Nothing more you need out of a good FPS.

#2 Best RPG


Bloodbourne, a game of blood starved beasts seeking to destroy you. During any point of the game any enemy can kill you at any point of the adventure, if your not careful. The hardest game made this year, made my the makers of the souls series, a ps4 exclusive Bloodbourne.

This game beat me into the ground time and time again, if it wasn’t for the help of the community helping me to defeat the bosses, and progress through each level I never could have beat that game. A true test of strength and willpower. It is possible, but at many times throughout the adventure it doesn’t feel that way.

But in the end when you finally defeat that boss that killed you time and time and time and time again, the feeling of achievement that you get is like nothing you’ve felt in any other game. And it happens a lot. If you like a challenge, a game based more on skill than leveling and equipment, and just a great RPG. Get this Game.

#1 Best Competitive multiplayer

Rocket League

I haven’t spent more time on a game this year than Rocket League. An amazing game where you play soccer with little rc cars, going around the track picking up boost. Using that boost to fly through the air, destroy the other vehicles, flip forwards backwards side to side, all in the attempt to score a goal. This game shines with the persecution of its controls and the easiness of learning them. I’ve heard it say that this game takes one 5 minute match to learn but a lifetime to master. But such an amazing game.

This is the only game that I’ve gotten a platinum trophy with, and if that doesn’t say anything then I don’t know what will. If you like competitive multiplayers, soccer, Mario cart, or just a game to play with friends. Get this game.


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